The up-to-date value of trailwork work put in at Matthiessen State Park by the Illinois Valley Cycling Association. 

          2008 Volunteer work:           $25,308.oo
      +  2009 Volunteer work:           $31,044.48
      +  2010 Grants:
      +  USAC/IMBA Trail Tune up          $500.oo
‚Äč      +  2011 Volunteer work:             $2,549.47
      +  Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew $4,500.oo
                                    TOTAL    $63,901.95
We are working at the park to create, enhance and preserve great trails experiences for not just cyclists but hikers and equestrians alike. These are your trails; we hope you will help us take care of them. Share some of your sweat equity and join us at our next trail care day.